Club Policies Reminder


First – Sign in!  The log books provide us with valuable information on the operation and usage of our activities.  It is also mandatory that you sign in when using the rifle range, pistol range and don’t forget the lake.

Second – Wear your badge!  You are required to display your badge when utilizing the Pistol and Rifle ranges, fishing in the lake and camping on the grounds.  You are not required to display your badge on the trap or sporting clays ranges, turkey shoots or other open the public activities. When camping it is sufficient to have your badge in your possession or displayed somewhere at your campsite.

Third - Do not open the gate for anyone that cannot not produce a current year membership card (badge).  If they have their card with them then they will know the correct combination…


Pertaining to our rifle and pistol ranges..

Everyone was recently notified that we have temporarily restricted the use of steel targets on our ranges.  As I stated in the notice, please understand this was not a decision that was made lightly. We have a responsibility to all club members and our local communities to ensure our range operations are conducted in a safe and secure manner. Our safety record is outstanding and it is our intention to maintain that record.


We are already working on range enhancements to allow us to return to using steel targets. Be aware that violation of this directive will be taken extremely serious and loss of membership is a very real possibility!  We will notify everyone when steel targets are once again allowed to be used.


Range Policies and Etiquette:

Our ranges provide a safe and enjoyable place to practice with your firearms. We provide a safe backstops for bullets providing that shooters position their targets properly and follow commonsense safety rules. Remember - shooting at our ranges is a communal activity. Loaded firearms demand concentration and respect. Every shooter at the range expects safety rules to be followed and conduct to fall within the bounds of accepted range etiquette.


For the well-being and protection of our members and facilities, we will be publishing an updated set of club policies and safety rules in the near future.  Everyone needs to understand that these policies will be strictly enforced. We ask that every member assist in this enforcement.  

Some basic rules of range etiquette:

1. All gun safety rules will be followed. The muzzle of your firearm should always be pointed in a safe direction. Your fingers should be off the trigger until you are on the firing line and your weapon is pointed at your target. Nothing angers a shooter more than having someone carelessly point a gun at them for even a moment. Muzzles should always point down range. When you are packing up to leave and you've unloaded your weapon, the muzzle should be controlled and pointed in safe direction – UP!


2. Do not touch or handle your firearms during a ceasefire. This includes picking up your firearm(s) to pack up and leave. If you have walked down range during a ceasefire to change or examine your target, there is nothing more unnerving than looking up range to see someone handling a firearm!  Wait until EVERYONE is back behind the firing line and jointly confirms the range is clear to go hot.

Clean up when you are finished. Don't leave a trashy shooting station for the next shooter. Throw away any ammunition packages, old targets, and other trash that you have generated during your shooting session. We provide trash cans and there is a dumpster beside the pistol range parking lot.


3. Minors MUST be supervised while handling firearms.  This means if you have a minor (under the age of 18) at the range shooting with you, YOU must actively supervise that minor while they are handling / shooting any firearm.  If the minor is shooting, you are not to be shooting – you are to be supervising!


4. Guests – As a club member, you are responsible for the actions of the guests you bring to our club.  This definitely includes firing range activities.  As with a minor, it is your responsibility to accompany and monitor your guests at all times while they are on club property.


5. Shooting lanes – I realize there are times when the firing line is crowded. Regardless, it is imperative that you position yourself to shoot STRAIGHT into the bunkers.  It is extremely unsafe to sit directly in front of the 25 or 50 yard bunker and shoot into the 100 yd. bunker.  You can see how the result of this activity if you look at the right hand corner of the 100 yd. bunker and how it is all shot out.



The rules on allowable targets:

Remember that our ranges are PAPER TARGETS ONLY, period!

This means you are not allowed to shoot at:

-          Milk / Water / Soda jugs or bottles

-          Tin cans, glass bottles of any type

-          Rocks, blocks of wood, the wood target board posts, GOLF BALLS

-          On the rifle range all targets MUST be placed on the target boards.  This means you cannot, for example, place a target 15 ft. in front of any of the bunkers and shoot it.

-          Automatic weapons are strictly forbidden as is a technique known as “bump firing”. Bump firing is defined as follows:


Holding  your trigger finger stationary inside the trigger well, and with your support hand push the rifle forward until the trigger is depressed enough by your stationary trigger finger to fire. The recoil of the gun will move the gun away from your trigger finger as the trigger resets. If you are still pulling forward with your support hand, at the end of the recoil pulse the gun will be pulled back to your trigger finger – firing the gun again.

Bottom line – if it sounds like full auto fire then you are firing too fast!