Club Policies


First – Sign in!  The log books provide us with valuable information on the operation and usage of our activities.  It is also mandatory that you sign in when using the rifle range, pistol range and don’t forget the lake.

Second – Wear your badge!  You are required to display your badge when utilizing the Pistol and Rifle ranges, fishing in the lake and camping on the grounds.  You are not required to display your badge on the trap or sporting clays ranges, turkey shoots or other open the public activities. When camping it is sufficient to have your badge in your possession or displayed somewhere at your campsite.

Third - Do not open the gate for anyone that cannot not produce a current year membership card (badge).  If they have their card with them then they will know the correct combination…

Pertaining to our rifle and pistol ranges..
Everyone was recently notified that we have temporarily restricted the use of steel targets on our ranges.  As I stated in the notice, please understand this was not a decision that was made lightly. We have a responsibility to all club members and our local communities to ensure our range operations are conducted in a safe and secure manner. Our safety record is outstanding and it is our intention to maintain that record.

We are already working on range enhancements to allow us to return to using steel targets. Be aware that violation of this directive will be taken extremely serious and loss of membership is a very real possibility!  We will notify everyone when steel targets are once again allowed to be used.

Range Policies and Etiquette:
Our ranges provide a safe and enjoyable place to practice with your firearms. We provide a safe backstops for bullets providing that shooters position their targets properly and follow commonsense safety rules. Remember - shooting at our ranges is a communal activity. Loaded firearms demand concentration and respect. Every shooter at the range expects safety rules to be followed and conduct to fall within the bounds of accepted range etiquette.

For the well-being and protection of our members and facilities, we will be publishing an updated set of club policies and safety rules in the near future.  Everyone needs to understand that these policies will be strictly enforced. We ask that every member assist in this enforcement. 

Rifle & Pistol Range Rules

The following safety rules have been established to ensure the health and safety of those individuals who use or frequent this facility and the community at large.

All persons at the ranges must comply with all safety rules. Failure to follow the rules as stated will result in disciplinary action and may result in loss of membership. All persons using the range are liable for improper use of the range and firearms.

  1. General Rules
    1. Use of the range is during daylight hours only and must be after 9 AM. The range will be closed on Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, and during other prescheduled events.
    2. Each person is responsible for the complete removal of their live and dud ammunition from the range facility upon completion of range use. All empty casings should be swept off the concrete towards the firing line with the push broom or taken home.
    3. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the ranges. No shooting under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No misuse of prescription drugs. Prescription drugs that have cautions for driving a motorized vehicle should apply as a caution against using the range.
    4. No shooting at animals, birds, or other wildlife.
    5. You must have your NLFGC membership card visibly shown. You must sign in to the registration book.
    6. Concealed carry firearms must remain holstered while at the rifle range.
    7. Safety equipment must be appropriately worn when you walk into the pavilion. This include safety glasses and adequate ear protection.
    8. All accidents that involve people and property must be reported as noted in a separate bulletin that is specific to accidents. All contact information is listed at each range pavilion.
    9. Club members are responsible to read and understand published and distributed range rules. The range rules are available online and at the range pavilions.
  1. Firearm Safety Rules
    1. All gun safety rules as recognized by the NRA and National Shooting Sports Foundation must be followed. The rules as stated in this document do not override the rules of these organizations but are meant to expand and highlight these rules for the club members.
    2. You must follow the 5 second rule between shots. Automatic or “Bump Firing” is prohibited.
    3. The muzzle of your firearm should always be pointed in a safe direction.
    4. Your finger should be off the trigger until you are on the firing line, your firearm is pointed at your target, and you are ready to shoot.
    5. Muzzles should always point down range. When you are packing up to leave and you’ve unloaded your firearm, the muzzle should be controlled and pointed in a safe direction – UP!
    6. No handling loaded firearms behind the yellow safety line. This includes carrying firearms to and from the range pavilion with the exception if the firearm is inside a carrying case.
    7. Firearms may only be fired behind the red safety line.
    8. All actions must be open while behind the yellow safety line.
    9. Use precaution with new firearms or firearms that may be challenging. Do not allow relatives, friends, minors, or guests to use firearms that may prove difficult to handle. You are responsible to understand the operation of the firearm that you are using and responsible for reading the safety information for your firearm, using a firearm at the range makes you liable for damage to property or injury. If you cannot control your firearm, you should not be shooting it.
    10. Shooters are responsible to know where their rounds are going. All rounds should be into the back stop or foam insulation board (rifle range). Rounds hitting the flat land in front of or below the intended target are not permitted. Ricochet rounds are not permitted. Shooters must correct any non-permitted condition.
  1. Caliber and Type Specific Firearm Rules
    1. 50 Caliber BMG can only be used at the 200 yard targets. Other 50 caliber type rifles may be used at other distances on the range.
    2. Shotguns are allowed only if using a single projectile similar to a rifle. Buckshot is not allowed anywhere on the premises.
  1. Minors using the range MUST be supervised while handling firearms.
    1. You must actively supervise minors (under 18) while they are handling/shooting any firearm. If the minor is shooting, you are not. You are to be supervising!
    2. You must actively supervise minors who are not handling/shooting firearms at any location. While at the range locations (and immediate surrounding area) there will be no running, climbing on tables or shooting stands, etc. No minors are to be down range without being accompanied by an adult.
  1. Guest Rules
    1. As a club member, you are responsible for the actions of the guests you bring to our club. This definitely includes firing range activities. As with a minor, it is your responsibility to accompany and monitor your guests at all times while they are on club property.
    2. Member sponsored guests must complete a guest form and pay the posted fee prior to using the facility.
  1. Target Rules
    1. Paper targets are the ONLY allowed targets on our ranges. NO OTHER TYPES OF TARGETS ARE PERMITTED ON THE RANGES. This comes with the exclusion of club sanctioned events.
    2. Paper targets can only be mounted to the target boards, such as card board (pistol range) or foam insulation board (rifle range). No paper targets are allowed to be posted to any other structure, or to the frame of target stands.
    3. Target placement is critical, and all members are responsible to fully understand the correct location and height for targets on the range.
    4. The only target stands allowed will be NLFGC target stands, or any target stands belonging to members that meet our specifications. Target height is critical, and the stands can only be made from wood or PVC.
    5. Your shooting position must be directly in front of your target. Shooting across lane is strictly prohibited.
    6. Targets for the 200 yard lane must be placed at 200 yards. No other distance is allowed for this specific lane.
    7. You must use the appropriate shooting stations that are provided within the pavilion to ensure you are shooting at the correct target.
    8. No targets closer than 50 yards on the rifle range.
    9. Shooting from the entry point to head down range is prohibited at both ranges. These are the areas protected by a PVC movable barrier.
  1. Cease Fire and Target Check
    1. No handling of firearms at the pavilion or firing line during a cease fire or when people are down range to change/check targets.
    2. Any time a shooter is down range or it is not safe to shoot, you must use the down range/cease fire mechanism (PVC pipe with drop down signs and walk way barrier) to signify it is not ok to shoot at this time.
    3. Open all actions, lay the firearm down on the table, and step away. Action/chamber open & safety on.
    4. A “cease fire” is a direct command. If a cease fire is called, all participants are to put down any firearms currently in hand, action open, and to take a step back away from them, and use the down range mechanism. A cease fire can be called for any reason.
    5. Any person can call a cease fire at any time an unsafe condition is observed. All participants must honor this by putting their firearms down with the chamber open and the safety on.
    6. A cease fire ends when either the cause for the cease fire has been cleared, or when all participants on the range signal that they all ready to resume shooting.


  1. Sanctioned matches or shoots may have different rules or may allow variance from these rules. The sanctioned range masters must get prior approval by the Board of Directors for rule modification during their specific event.
  2. The pistol range can be used as a starting point (25 yards) for sighting in rifles and slug guns.
  3. ON THE PISTOL RANGE ONLY: Double tap is permitted, limited to 2 rounds, for the purpose of Concealed Carry and practicing self-defense. ABSOLUTELY NO QUICK DRAW.

These rules were updated and approved by the Board of Directors on March 13th, 2018.













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