From the Rifle Range Committee:

The committee wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank everyone that helped out last weekend at the Rifle Range.  It was a really great turnout.  We had approximately ten members.  With a great mix of older as well as newer members in attendance.

It was a crazy, fast, enjoyable morning.

Attendees:  (If I missed anyone I apologize)

Gary Arteno

Jim Finch

Mark Fisher

Mike Heaberlin

Dave Kehner

Paul Knoebel

Bob Kolberg

Ed Merical

Gary Parsons

Jeff Barnhart

For only three hours we got an amazing amount accomplished.

  • The stacked lumber is all cleaned up.  Anything that was in good shape got stored inside the pavilion.  Otherwise, it was removed.
  • The old scoring tables were removed and a new rail for the parking area was installed to keep the area safe.
  • Inside the pavilion was cleaned out and reorganized.  We now have room to store some target backers.  We removed enough stuff that we filled both of our dumpsters.  We still have a little bit of stuff to get rid of from the clean out.  The remainder will be removed as soon as we have dumpster space.
  • The team performed some basic maintenance (cleaned gutters, repaired some electrical fixtures, etc.).
  • We tested out and got feedback for a new stool design for each of the shooting benches.  We are planning those as a mid-winter build project.
  • We replaced one of the bench tops with new 5/4 decking material.  We ran out of time to replace the others.  There is however, precut lumber and fasteners stored in the pavilion for 6 more tops.  Those will be changed out over the next couple months.

Based on the great success we had last Sunday; we are planning another session in mid-December.  At that point, the initial sight in for hunting season will be over and we can replace the foam target backers we are currently using.

  • We also had some great detailed conversations about some other changes we will implement as soon as possible.  One in particular, is to make the front pavilion guard rails, at the longer distances, removable so we can shoot prone, seated, and bench.
  • We are also looking at a short 25-yard target to help make sighting in easier.

Once again, thank you very much for all your help and support for a great club!!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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