Membership Info

Pay your membership Fee online. Square User Fees will apply. See Menu Tab “Membership Payment Portal”

Applications are now “Fillable”. Go to bottom of application and find gray border. Look for arrow pointing down and click on it. The application will download and now you are able to type to complete the application.

Print the application and mail with your payment.



SPECIAL NOTE: ALL RENEWALS must submit a completed application to the office via Email or US mail with signatures at the bottom of the application. NO membership cards will be mailed without the application and payment both being received at the office. When paying online please choose to email your completed application to the office so payment and application can be processed at the same time.


Young Adult Membership Information:

North Lawrence Fish & Game Club offers a membership “add-on” for any child of a member whose age is between 19-25 years old. This is a $25 annual membership “add-on” to the parents current membership. This add-on membership will allow the young adult to use the club grounds without the presence of their parents.

Because the Young Adult will be unsupervised by their parents while using the club grounds, the Young Adult is REQUIRED to complete his or her own membership application and attend a mandatory regular scheduled safety briefing.


Safety Briefings are scheduled for 1 hour or less starting at 6pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Our regular monthly membership meeting follows at 7pm on the same day. Please contact the office in advance to schedule for the safety briefing.

The Young Adult membership will have no voting rights at NLFG.

In addition, the young adult may obtain a Full Membership when he or she turns 26 years old without paying the initiation fee. However, the young adult must have participated in this program for 4 years to avoid the new member initiation fee.

If you have any questions about the Young Adult membership you may contact the office via email or during open hours.