Here is what’s going on Down Range at North Lawrence Fish and Game

Week ending Sunday March 3rd 2024

Traders Day:

Despite being a cold and snowy morning, Mike Heaberlin opened the doors to our first Traders Day in several years. Twenty-two vendors were greeted by 125 guests to view an outstanding display of firearms and other sporting goods. Coffee and donuts were served, and lunch followed. Many thanks to all who helped out and all the participants. Special thanks to Mike and Lisa Heaberlin for a great job.

Traders Day side note:

A lucky gentleman purchased a sweet A5 Browning Light 20 gauge. I believe the box for that gun is still at the Clubhouse. Let me know if you want it. 330 832 2411.

Veterans Service Commission Seminar:

There will be a Veterans Service Commission seminar at the Club on March 16. The purpose of this seminar is to inform vets of their benefits under the Pact Act. Details on the website soon.

Club Office Hours and Dues Payment:

The Club office will be open Sunday, February 25th, from noon until 2pm for raffle ticket sales and 2024 dues payments. The office will not be open on Sundays in the month of March. Dues can always be paid by mail. Please get your dues payments in as soon as possible. The gate combination will be changed soon.

Trap Range Closure:

The trap range is closed for the season. When the weather does change, we will need more help to reopen the range. We would need help on Tuesday evenings and also on Sunday afternoons. You should be in good enough physical condition to lift about 30 pounds and be able to climb in and out of a trap house. We can teach you everything else. Please contact the Club office if you can help out. 330 832 2411.

Indoor Archery and Air Rifle Programs:

The indoor Archery and air rifle programs will be open every Sunday from 11 am until 3 pm. The last shoot will be Sunday, March 24th.

Euchre Night:

Euchre every Friday evening at 7 pm. Plenty of room for more tables and players. Call Joe for details at 330 353 0337.

Raffle Information:

The next raffle will be for $500.00 in cash or your choice of a field can of 30.06 or 30 Carbine ammo. Your choice. Same deal. $10.00 per ticket, only 200 tickets sold. Stop by the Clubhouse during open hours to purchase tickets.

Dues Reminder:

We would like to thank the over 400 members who have paid their 2024 dues. There are still over 100 members who have not yet paid. If you are one of those, you will soon lose your range and lake privileges when the gate combination is changed. You can still pay by mail or stop by the office on Sunday from noon until 2. We are not assessing any late fees.

Range Etiquette:

On a sad note, I was informed by one of our members that someone left about 100 shotgun hulls lying on the ground in the event range. His young son picked them up and disposed of them. Unless your mother is here with you, clean up after yourself. Also, the plastic barrels are not targets or target stands. Don’t shoot at them.

Another incident involved someone leaning a 55-gallon drum lid against the post at one of our target boards, then shooting it full of holes and leaving it there because he was too lazy to walk out and retrieve it. What were you thinking? Do you think shooting the post did it any good? Also, every round you fired dug into the ground and could possibly have ricocheted out of the range. The target boards are set at specific heights so that bullets will impact the limestone backstop.

Range Safety:

Remember to sign into the logbook upon arriving at the range. If you bring a guest, they must sign in also and pay the fee upon arrival. You are responsible for the actions of your guest. Wear your white 2024 membership card. If you have questions on the safe use of the range, call 330 832-2411. I will be happy to answer your question. Frank.

Thank you for your support.