Here is what’s going on Down Range at North Lawrence Fish and Game

Week ending Sunday March 24th 2024

Remember all our ranges are closed Easter Sunday.

There will be a Veterans Service Commission seminar at the Club on March 16. The purpose of this seminar is to inform vets of their benefits under the Pact Act. Representatives will explain the Pact act and how veterans can benifit financially. A light lunch will be served. Details on the website.

The club office will be closed on Sundays in the month of March. Dues can always be paid by mail. Please get your dues payments in as soon as possible. The gate combination has been changed.

The trap range is closed for the season. When the weather does change we will need more help to reopen the range. We would need help on Tuesday evenings and also on Sunday afternoons. You should be in good enough physical condition to lift about 30 pounds and be able to climb in and out of a trap house. We can teach you everything else. Please contact the Club office if you can help out. 330 832 2411

The indoor Archery and air rifle programs will be open every Sunday from 11 am until 3 pm. The last shoot will be Sunday March 24th.

Work Party. There will be a cleanup day and work party at the ranges and Club house on Saturday March 23 beginning at 9 am until about 1pm. Bring work gloves and tools like rakes and shovels.

There will be an American Sniper Match on Saturday April 6th. This will be shot on our 200 yard range. Details on the website.

Euchre every Friday evening at 7 pm. Plenty of room for more tables and players. Call Joe for details at 330 353 0337

And by the way, if you don’t have a white membership card sorry you won’t have the new gate combination.

Range question of the week; can I shoot a weapon with a binary trigger, forced return trigger or a bump stock at the NLFGC ranges?

Answer; Yes you can shoot a weapon equipped with one of the above mentioned devices if;

1, The device is considered legal under the rules and regulations of the ATF.

2, You MUST follow range rule Section 2 Firearms safety rules subsection B) You must follow the 5 second rule between shots. Automatic or bump firing is prohibited.

It is my understanding that bump stocks are still prohibited by the ATF at this time.

Glock switches. As I understand the function of the Glock switch once the trigger is pulled one time the firearm will continue to fire until all the rounds in the magazine are fired. Since the rate of fire of this weapon cannot be controlled to one round every 5 seconds these are prohibited at our ranges.

Yes, buzzkill but our ranges are designed to be target ranges not a place to come and dump rounds down range indiscriminately. There is too much chance of ricochets when they do not impact the limestone backstop.

Please shoot safely. We are always only one trigger click away from a disaster.

Thank you for your support.